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Tone Deaf Music

Tone Deaf Music Metal Guitar / Bass Plectrums (12 pack of picks)

Tone Deaf Music Metal Guitar / Bass Plectrums (12 pack of picks)

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  • 12 pack of metal plectrums suitable for guitars & bass
  • 4x Steel picks
  • 4x Bronze picks
  • 4x Aluminium picks

Now these plectrums look cool! The bronze ones are very heavy and are nice for chugging away on bass with or knocking out power chords. The aluminium are very lightweight and strong. The steel are the shiny ones and are the lowest gauge and quite easy to bend.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Good metal picks.

They are quality made. If you're curious about metal picks, try these! I decided to go back to using tortex picks though.

Durable Metal Picks

Looking at the prices of the other metal picks, this is a good deal. Although I would prefer to get exclusively brass picks than the selection of steel and aluminum, I have no complaints. Good Product at a reasonable price.

DRGuitars only competition

I've used bronze picks from DRGuitars for years. But the DRGuitars ones are $6 per pick (not per pack)! At $6 and some change for a pack of 12 from Tone Deaf, this set was a steel in comparison. Tone Deaf's bronze picks are very close in thickness and material and honestly feel pretty darn similar in my fingers to the DRGuitars ones. If you're looking for a more economic alternative to DR's bronze picks, these are a great choice.

Michael F.
Five Stars

Picks are all sizes just perfect ,delivered fast, Thank You...

Michael Arnold
Great Mix!!

Great mix of plectrums...