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Tone Deaf Music

Tone Deaf Music Guitar Foot Stool (Metal)

Tone Deaf Music Guitar Foot Stool (Metal)

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  • High quality sturdy metal guitar foot stool/rest
  • Sturdy steel construction with rubber feet and rubber grip to stop it sliding around
  • 4 levels of height adjustment allow you to set it from 5" to 9" tall
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Dimensions when flat are approx: 11" (28.5cm) long. 5" (12cm) wide. 0.5" (1.5cm) tall

If you play your guitar while sat down you will probably find that your right leg is too low. Many guitarists, particularly self taught ones, just "get used to it" and before they know it they are in a bad habit which can cause problems as you advance in your playing. Using a footstool means that your technique and posture will not suffer and you will be more comfortable while playing.

Customer comment, "I received the foot rest from you and its strong, sturdy, well made, I am delighted with it
I wanted another that i could keep in my gig bag rather than have to remember to take it from home every time.
So thinking they must all be the same from the same Chinese factory, I bought one from e bay for £3.38.
It arrived today and there is no comparrason to yours, it's flimsy, made of thinner steel and the rubber is just riveted on top rather than recessed and trimmed nicely like yours. I can see the rubber will feel off before too long, when it does I will be buying the replacement from you."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Excellent purchase

These are made of metal and are very well machined. I have one in the downstairs room and one up in my main bedroom so that wherever I am I can sit properly with my guitar and practice. Now previously without this, I had a bad back, and awful posture. I seriously recommend these to anybody who spends more than 10 minutes sitting down with a guitar practising or playing. In actual fact you’ll get better quicker at playing because you can be more comfortable.

Peter G.
Does the job

Good value for the money.

Bought to do self pedicures

A lot cheaper than the actual pedicure foot rests but does the job well. Keeps the foot flat instead of at a slight angle which isn't comfortable for long and would have thought sitting down playing the guitar you'd prefer your left foot at a slight angle

a t blunt
Good value for money

Excelent product easy to use, so glad I’ve bought it.

Rose M.
Good sturdy footrest

Good sturdy footrest