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Stubby Guitar Plectrums (pack of 12 Picks) Small & Large size - 3mm only

Stubby Guitar Plectrums (pack of 12 Picks) Small & Large size - 3mm only

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  • High quality 3mm stubby plectrums
  • Packs contain 12x 3mm picks, 6 large and 6 small.
  • Suitable for Acoustic, Bass and Electric guitars
  • Ideal for fast lead guitar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Lovely set of very comfortable picks

This year I picked up the guitar again and practised scales a lot over the last 8 months or so, and I have played with a variety of picks. I can quite frankly say that these are the most comfortable yet. I thought these might be too thick for me but they're lovely, they have a nice dip in the middle for your thumb and finger to sit comfortably and securely, the edges are smoothly rounded so you would think it would give less control but on the contrary, it feels great. The larger ones are my favourite but the smaller ones are great too. These are definitely going to be my go to picks from now on. Thinner strings and thicker picks are two things I discovered about my guitar preferences this year.

Great value, excellent feel

Great pack of plectrums, used the Dunlop version of these and to be honest there's not difference in tone or quality and these are a cheaper price for more picks so a win win for me. Comfort grip and glide nicely off the strings, easy to play with if you like your picks thick, 3mm.Would buy again, would be even better if they were clear as the chunky purple plastic plectrum isn't always the look some people want but definitely worth the money

Solid. Good plectrum.

Never used one like this before. Once i got used to it, very nice indeed.

John F
The larger ones are my new favourite

Liked the larger picks in this selection.Nice sharp picking point on these plus a dip in the middle that means you are unlikely to drop them


Arrived on time. No worries