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Stubby Guitar Plectrums (pack of 12 Picks) Small & Large size, 3 gauges available

Stubby Guitar Plectrums (pack of 12 Picks) Small & Large size, 3 gauges available

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  • High quality stubby plectrums
  • Available in 1mm, 2mm & 3mm gauges
  • Sizes Small or Large
  • 12 picks per pack
  • Suitable for Acoustic, Bass and Electric guitars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Silly me I thought these would be real Stubby picks

I was expecting Jim Dunlop picks…these are el cheapo ‘fakes’ by a brand called ‘Dadi’ …hmm. What a rip off. They are lightweight, rough edged rubbish!

AM Reviews
Poor QC, probably handmade

I like trying out different picks and have quite a lot of different variants including expensive singles. So when I saw these as a variation pack of cheaper of the legendary Stubbys, I though I'd give them a go!I was expecting a little better to be honest.I have no issues with handmade if the care and quality is there. It's not with these unfortunately. They're probably made by one person. There's a partial fingerprints in the moulds occasionally. I've took it a little easy since they're most likely handmade by someone. If this quality came from a factory, It would be a 2 star review to be honest.If they're not hand made and made in a factory or by a factory line type of assembly, Passion should probably hire better people or actually have a QC section and better standards.I wasn't planning on using the Big Stubbys as I was just wanting to try out different thicknesses of the small Stubbys but the quality is slightly better on the Big Stubbys, probably due to the size.I'll start with the small Stubbys.On the 1mm versions, the stamping is uneven, sometimes too deep or has moved to one side since there's a bigger lip on the edge where the plastic has been stamped. The section where it's attached to the mould method is rough and uneven. Quite large too and noticeable when holding. At least I can feel it and it grates on me a little. Might not bother you though.On the 2mm the DD section of the stamping on one side is again a bit rough lipped around the edge of the stamp like it's not been pressed with an even weight with an unmoving pick underneath. Whatever the issue is, it's going to need sanding down. Again, might not bother you but little things effect peoples playing differently.On the 3mm small Stubby, the better of the 3, probably because the thickness is there, it's still uneven on both sides and there's a lip on one side of the pick but not on the other. The mould break seems to be cleaner on these ones but that's probably down to the thickness and the mould break not reaching the edge of the pick where your finger and thumb sit. Again, the stamping isn't great though. Uneven, but not as bad. Some lips but not as noticeable as the thinner picks.The edges of all the picks are a little rough for my liking, although a very fine wet sand should fix this, which there's not a lot of picks to go through so should take 10 minutes max. Although I'll be wet sanding all the uneven lips on the sections where your thumb sits too.There is no grip texture on these like the OG Stubbys, the only 'grip' is the brand stamp which is just writing within a circle. Always better to have some sort of grip with plastics like this so if you have sweaty fingers these may be terrible for you. If you're okay with a small bit of grip rather than a lot then you should be okay. I've not been too bad with them. Only slipped once or twice when I've lost a bit of focus and released tension. I don't have this problem with the OG Stubbys though.At £3.99, I can't complain too much since a pack of 6 one size OG small Stubbys are more than this. And other places seem to be selling these for more.. which I would absolutely not be purchasing them for any more than £3.99. I took a risk as I've recently taking to 2mm small Stubbys quite a lot so wanted to try out different sizes. Not a risk that paid off particularly but they might be okay after a bit of wet sanding.Update: sanded one down to test before I went sand with finer grits and although the pick looks a mess now (used dry 150 grit) the small 1mm stubby plays really nicely.So with a bit of TLC you could have some Stubbys for cheap with the bulk of the work done for you!

There good so far

They do the job

Beautiful color

Nice looking and easy to use.

Great pics

Great pics and a good selection. Also my favourite colour, what more can you ask for?