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Snakebite MIDI (5 pin DIN) Cable with straight and right angled connectors

Snakebite MIDI (5 pin DIN) Cable with straight and right angled connectors

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  • Premium 5mm OD cable with spiral shield means that your MIDI data stays intact
  • One end terminates in a straight MIDI (5 pin DIN) connector, the other terminates in right angled one.
  • Pin orientation on the right angle connector is shown in the image and top or bottom orientation can be chosen to suit your gear.
  • All 5 pins are connected. This means that in addition to being perfect for normal Midi, they can be used for various audio and enhanced Midi applications
  • 12 Month Warranty with Snakebite, a UK company based in the North West

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Alice james
Do not buy this item!

This is totally useless as the pins are to large to fit in a standard midi socket. No point trying to get a refund as the delivery charge almost entirely wipes out the refund value. To say im annoyed would be an understatement

Kim Holst
Works perfectly

Very durable and functioning perfectly

Clunky but gets job done.

It’s been attached to my pedal board for a while now and has worked flawlessly.For the price I can’t complain, I would rather have something that has a smaller footprint on the connectors but in the grand scheme of things it’s a non issue.Great cable for the cost.

good product

great quality

Did the job well

The right angle connector was ideal because the space between the organ and wall was at a premium.It worked fine, so overall a very good buy.