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Snakebite Professional Balanced XLR Male to Female Cable with Retro Fabric Braid. Ideal for mics, mixers, studio and live. Noiseless OFC

Snakebite Professional Balanced XLR Male to Female Cable with Retro Fabric Braid. Ideal for mics, mixers, studio and live. Noiseless OFC

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  • Select your cable length above!
  • Retro braided fabric jacket looks so cool!
  • Removable jacks make it easier to repair the cable should a break occur. (Not possible with moulded jacks)
  • Professional OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) noiseless cable means you'll sound great
  • This balanced/Stereo cable is suitable for use with microphones and a varity of other studio and live applications

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Customer Reviews

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Gautham Kamath

Sturdy Cable.

Good product from an excellent dealer

There are so many cheap cables out there! So why have I given these low-cost Snakebite cables 5 stars? 1) First, and perhaps most important, they seem to be sonically transparent. I've got several used for stereo signals (TRS/TRS) and balanced mono (TRS/TRS & XLR/XLR) With 3m and 6m cables my maximum run is probably 12metres (2 x 6m with a kill switch or pedal connecting two 6m cables). My gear is generally Fender & Guild (US made) Marshall (UK & China), K&K (US made), Boss and Helicon. Some of this stuff is hand-wired and the Snakebite cables are not adding any noise when I use them to cable this stuff together. 2) The strain relief is good, on both the TRS and the XLR plugs. I'm not recommending you yank a cable, but if you do, the plug will come out of the socket before the wires come out of the plug. The plugs themselves, especially the XLR are noticeably better than average. Especially given the price of these cables. 3) The cable diameter is about 7mm, compared to the 8mm for Fender Tweed. Perhaps this is the reason the Snakebite cable is more supple than the Fender. It seems to have less of a mind of its own when cabling up. But it certainly seems to be thicker than my standard Shure mic cables, and it's thick enough. The vintage look is a real bonus.Finally I want to say something about ToneDeaf music. The first cable I bought from them was faulty. Dave at ToneDeaf was really committed to rectifying the problem and making sure I was satisfied. These things happen and the way the dealer responds makes all the difference. He was great. That's why I bought from ToneDeaf again. The product is good, and I know now, from experience, that if I should have a problem, it will get sorted.At the end of the day, cables are consumables. They will wear and they will fail. At these prices I'm getting sonically good cable, that is standing up to daily punishment, giving plenty of life, , looks good, but comes at a price which doesn't make me feel too precious, and I can afford to replace when the time comes.

Great cable

I love this cable and its retro-style look. It goes perfectly with my California Blonde amp and my hallow body axe ;)Sounds great, no issues whatsoever.