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Snakebite Stereo 1/4" Jack to Jack Cable. Cloth weave / Fabric braid lead. Noiseless OFC

Snakebite Stereo 1/4" Jack to Jack Cable. Cloth weave / Fabric braid lead. Noiseless OFC

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  • Select your cable length above!
  • Retro braided cloth jacket looks so cool!
  • Metal jacks make it easier to repair the cable should a break occur. (Not possible with moulded jacks)
  • Professional OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) noiseless instrument cable means you'll sound great
  • This balanced/Stereo cable is suitable for a varity of studio and live applications

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
joseph v.
Well made cables, came with velcro ties which was a nice touch. Bargain

Fast delivery, too.

Poor quality control in manufacture and dispatch - but good recovery

I'm revising this review - upwards. Though the product arrived faulty my purchase was followed up by Tone Deaf Music - twice. So I'm confident that I could have obtained a satisfactory replacement. As it turned out I was able to shorten the cable and I'm very happy with the result. There is no signal loss, no noise and the cable is more supple that the usual tweed brand I use. It's also TRS which amazingly seems to be difficult to obtain. I also made a second "mic" cable from the remaining cable length and that too performs well.So I've increased the rating from 1 star to 4 starts because (a) it is a nice cable and (b) Tone Deaf Music get full marks for their persistence in following up.So here's the original review...My guitar has a TRS endpin jack (stereo) to allow pickup blending at the amp. And my Marshall amp takers a TRS plug and provides separate pre-amp controls for each channel (tip/left and ring/right). I like tweed covered cable, for both appearance and durability. But it's almost impossible to find a tweed balanced/stereo/TRS instrument cable, so when I saw this I bought it.It arrived well packed, but as I took it out of the jiffy bag, I could see immediately through its' polythene packaging that the cable tweed was badly snagged in several places. I shrugged my shoulders and accepted that at under £6 in wasn't expensive (Although total postage to Ireland had been about £7 on top of the purchase price - so I'd really paid about £13. £11 normally buys me a TS/TS Tweed cable from Fender - so this wasn't really a cost effective purchase)However my real disappointment hit when I plugged it into guitar and amp, and got the most awful hum on the left (channel 1/Tip) channel. It's intermittent. I plugged in a TRS/TRS cable from Stagg, and it was totally quiet. So I'm satisfied that it's the cable that's faulty.At some point I'll probably cut out the snagged parts of the cable (assuming the signal path damage is there) and make a couple of shorter cables. Short balanced TRS cables are always handy.So even though you might be desperate for a TRS/TRS tweed cable, DON'T buy this one unless you are prepared to risk having to return it. In fact I'll now be wary of anything from Snakebit - metaphorically it's kind of a good name.Unfortunately my pictures don't really illustrate the damage to the cable. But you can certainly hear it.

Aaron Duncan
Five Stars

Feel great, look great and sound great. Very high quality.

Robert A. Gold Jr.
Nice quality cable that is heavy duty enough to use ...

Nice quality cable that is heavy duty enough to use as an instrument cable if you need a TRS cable to your guitar or bass.

Dick Mallett
Five Stars