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Tone Deaf Music

Tone Deaf Music Steel Guitar Slide

Tone Deaf Music Steel Guitar Slide

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  • Quality steel guitar slides, available in two sizes
  • Short guitar slide measures approx 3.1cm long and 2.1cm diameter
  • Long guitar slide measures approx 5.8cm long and 2.2 cm diamter
  • Both suitable for all acoustic and electric guitars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Capt Wilkie
needed a short slide

As title neede a short slide, for certain somgs, I have a long pne but some songs require a short slide ]Its light a little big for my fingers but thats easy to sort plays well Im happy with it

Nicholas J Thompson
Great value slide.

As described, with a good tone.

Too big for my fingers

It slips right down past my knuckles I could not use it. It might be OK for Shrek

Bandcamp jude-connelly
As it says on the tin

Doesn't cut into the joints or leave any shards in my middle finger like my old glass bottleneck. I can wear white linen suits again when I'm playing as there is no blood.The tone is better than the flame maple and Brazilian rosewood slides my luthier made too - deeper, richer, and with subtle notest of wah.

Andrew S.
Nice and short

Good size if you need a slide that will still allow you to fret notes with the finger tip