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Classical Guitar Strings (Medium Hard Tension)

Classical Guitar Strings (Medium Hard Tension)

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  • String Gauges: 026, 032, 040, 032, 037, 045
  • Plain end for classical guitars (no ball)
  • Nylon silver plated strings

These strings use high quality USA nylon which is ground to a precise diameter. Silver plated copper wire is then wound round the multi-filament nylon giving a perfectly true and mellow intonation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good value for price

Full set of strings that didn’t require constant tuning once on the guitar mine is full size and may well be suited more to 3/4 size because there seems to be 2 inches of inconsistency in the windings on the EA and D string but they fitted and I can recommend them

guitar enthusiast

The strings barely produced any sound and were damaged

stuart ruffle
High quality timbre

These are high quality strings which resonate nicely and bring a dolce effect to the overall timbre of my classical guitar .

Steve O
Nice tone, very good price, quick delivery.

Once the strings had settled in, I was very impressed with the tone. I fitted them to an old cedar topped guitar I hadn't played that much, because it had been affected by high humidity, and after dehumidifying the guitar and fitting these strings, I play it every day now. I have tried several makes and tensions of strings on this guitar, and these strings suit it the best. Recommended.

good strings.

No issues ... for the money, good strings.