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Adjustable Bass Drum Pedal (Double chain, solid baseplates)

Adjustable Bass Drum Pedal (Double chain, solid baseplates)

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  • Heavy duty metal footplate and full baseplate with non slip rubber grips on the bottom,.. This will take a real thrashing.
  • Double chain drive for smooth action
  • Adjustable spring tension and adjustable hoop clamp
  • 4-sided beater with counterweight allow various sounds to be produced with either felt or plastic surfaces
  • Drum and allen keys included

This pedal is stuffed full of fantastic features which are usually only found on top of the range, expensive pedals. It's smooth to use, sturdy and durable. We love products like these, you get the features you want, without paying over the odds for a name or a badge.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Geo Mc
So good I bought a second

Got my first one for my Nitro Mesh kit, after watching some YouTube video's and realizing you could upgrade the bejeesus out of the Nitro Mesh Kit I bought a second one for my second base drum. Extremely well made, and fantastic looking too. Well worth the money.

Astonishing value for money

I was suspicious when I looked at this pedal, because it seemed to be too good to be true at the price. So I looked at the reviews, which were enthusiastic! I therefore decided to take a punt on it.... well, it's even better than the reviews led me to expect. Beautifully and sturdily constructed, all the adjusters are easy to get to and even easier to use, a clever choice of four sounds from the beater. There's even a memory lock for the beater! As well as a drum key and two allen keys. The balance of the pedal is perfect and it has turned my bass drum into an instrument just as musical as the toms, so I find myself integrating it into solos more. It's way the best pedal I've owned. True, I haven't had it very long so I can't comment on longevity; but with construction this sturdy I can't believe it will live a short life.UPDATE: a year on, it's as good as new!

Surprisingly good

Actually pretty good for the price . I bought this to replace the broken one on my electric kit and it does a great job 👏🏼 ... would also be happy to use it on the acoustic kit , really good pedal if you’re on a tight budget 👍

I'm a beginner, but it feels good to me

Firstly let me say this was delivered way before the estimation so I was delighted.I'm only a beginner so I've nothing to compare, but it feels just fine to me, no issues, it's comfortable, responsive and it looks and feels solid.

Mandy Mann
Well made

Great product