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Tone Deaf Music

5 Pack of Electric or Acoustic Guitar Strings - 014 gauge B 2nd single 14 0.14

5 Pack of Electric or Acoustic Guitar Strings - 014 gauge B 2nd single 14 0.14

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  • Suitable for ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC Guitars. Replaces the B string (2nd thinnest)
  • 5 PACK of ball end, unwound 014 gauge steel strings.
  • Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are BRIGHT SOUNDING and have a FULL TONE
  • Strings are INDIVIDUALLY SEALED to ensure they sound great whenever you fit them.
  • Designed to be a stable string meaning they settle in quickly and maintain a fantastic tone for longer.

Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are bright sounding, full-toned, stable strings. Individually sealed to ensure that they don't sound dull even after a period of storage, they will settle in quickly meaning that the new-string tuning drift period immediately after fitting is minimised.

This pack contains 5 x 014 gauge strings which can be used in various applications. Most commonly used as a B (2nd thinnest string) on Acoustic and electric guitars.

Can also be used at a Top E (thinnest) on acoustic guitars as part of a heavy string set up

Application Guide:

- Electric guitar 2nd String (B) as part of a medium set up
- Acoustic guitar 2nd String (B) as part of a light or extra light set up
- Acoustic guitar 1st String (Top E) as part of a heavy set up
- Not suitable for classical / spanish guitars which are fitted with nylon strings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
M M Gibbin
Time will tell

Having bought some awful strings with the ball end unravelling under use, I have bought these to see if they are any better. At first glance they look ok, but until I have time tested them I can’t comment other than to say, they look ok and that they will be ok.


I use an 11-52 gauge on a US Fender Telecaster - this particular set has a 014 as a 2nd string, which aren't easy to find as singles. I didn't need a pack of 5 but the reviews made these seem excellent value, so I dived in.The first hint they might fall short came on taking one out: a new string normally springs right out of the pack almost straightening itself out - this just sort of hung limp, retaining a vaguely round shape. Of course, the important thing is how it sounds.Sadly, when used as a replacement (because that's mainly what single strings are for) on a bog standard nickel wound set, there was an obvious dip in volume, especially noticeable when played in sequence with the 1st and 3rd. The string just sounds dead in comparison - dull and quiet with minimal sustain. It's essentially unuseable and will be replaced asap.After re-reading the reviews, I opened one of the others hoping this might have been a stray duffer, but that flopped out just the same so won't be getting fitted. I might try one or two more but reckon they're headed for the bin.

Alan T.
No problems here

Quality product I used to string up a five string kantele, arrived before expected and will buy again when I need to. I shall also look to see what else that the supplier has to offer.

Would buy agian.

As described and very quick delivery.

David Burns
Five Stars

Order arrived on time and kept me in good quality spare strings used for professional gigging.