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Tone Deaf Music

5 Pack of Electric or Acoustic Guitar Strings - 011 gauge Top E 1st / B 2nd single 11s 0.11

5 Pack of Electric or Acoustic Guitar Strings - 011 gauge Top E 1st / B 2nd single 11s 0.11

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  • On ELECTRIC guitars replaces the 1st thinnest (Top E) string OR the 2nd thinnest (B) string.
  • On ACOUSTIC guitars replaces the 1st thinnest (Top E) string
  • 5 PACK of ball end, unwound 011 gauge steel strings.
  • Strings are INDIVIDUALLY SEALED to ensure they sound great whenever you fit them. Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are BRIGHT SOUNDING and have a FULL TONE
  • Designed to be a stable string meaning they settle in quickly and maintain a fantastic tone for longer.

Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are bright sounding, full-toned, stable strings. Individually sealed to ensure that they don't sound dull even after a period of storage, they will settle in quickly meaning that the new-string tuning drift period immediately after fitting is minimised.

This pack contains 5 x 011 gauge strings which can be used in various applications. Most commonly used as a B (2nd thinnest string) on Electric Guitars or a Top E (thinnest string) on both Acoustic or Electric Guitars.

Application Guide:

- Electric guitar 1st string (Top E) as part of a medium or heavy set up
- Electric guitar 2nd String (B) as part of a light set up
- Acoustic guitar 1st String (top E) as part of a light set up
- Not suitable for classical / spanish guitars which are fitted with nylon strings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Good For Spares

Fairly poor quality of sound on E string, perhaps not suprising at this price and equally disappointing as the ball end seems quite well made.

Rubbish strings

Should have read reviews no E strings even though this is the description.Top E 1st / B 2nd single 11s 0.113 have broken immediately very dangerous snapping as soon as tightened.Waste of money.Doesn’t deserve even 1 star no option for zero stars.

Really good value electric guitar strings

You fit them on a guitar, plug in and hit them - and they make a noise. Just like strings that cost double or more. Even better, since it's the thinner unwound strings that are far more likely to break, it makes sense to get a few sets of 5 in gauges from .009 to .016 rather than break open a whole new pack.It's all just nickel-coated steel wire for goodness' sake. If you've got a good light-touch fretting technique, then these strings are every bit as good as premium Ernie Balls or D'Addario. Awesome!

William N.
Not what I wanted

Like other reviewers stated, all B2s, no E1s, which I wanted, I should have took note.

Didn’t get E1st string received all B 2nd string

Probably never use as 2nd string unlikely to need replacing on its own feel let down by this I now have two sets of string without 1st strings