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Tone Deaf Music

5 Pack of Electric or Acoustic Guitar Strings - 010 gauge Top E 1st single 10s 0.10

5 Pack of Electric or Acoustic Guitar Strings - 010 gauge Top E 1st single 10s 0.10

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  • Suitable for ELECTRIC and ACOUSTIC Guitars. Replaces the 1st / Top E string (the thinnest string)
  • 5 PACK of ball end, unwound 010 gauge steel strings.
  • Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are BRIGHT SOUNDING and have a FULL TONE
  • Strings are INDIVIDUALLY SEALED to ensure they sound great whenever you fit them.
  • Designed to be a stable string meaning they settle in quickly and maintain a fantastic tone for longer.

Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are bright sounding, full-toned, stable strings. Individually sealed to ensure that they don't sound dull even after a period of storage, they will settle in quickly meaning that the new-string tuning drift period immediately after fitting is minimised.

This pack contains 5 x 010 gauge strings which can be used in various applications. Most commonly used as a top E (thinnest string) on both Acoustic or Electric Guitars.
Also suitable for use on Electric guitar as a 2nd (B) string if you are using a lighter string as your Top E

Application Guide:

- Electric guitar 1st string (Top E) as part of a light set up
- Electric guitar 2nd String (B) as part of an extra super light set up
- Acoustic guitar 1st String (top E) as part of an extra light set up

- Not suitable for classical / spanish guitars which are fitted with nylon strings.

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Customer Reviews

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mr t
Re string

Pack if 5 high E just the jobAs its the one that usually pings

Chertsey Russ
finally I dont have to buy a whole set because I broke high E:- yet again!

If you are an amateur player these are JUST FINE ! Honestly they stay in tune and you get a few E strings in the same packet so its great value! Can you really tell the difference it is only a statinless steel wire after all

carole hutchinson
strings are dead

feels like your finger is on the string, it's just dead.

Fast delivery

Really pleased with this!

Do Not Buy for ELECTRIC Guitar!!

These will only be any good for acoustic guitars. For electric guitars, don’t bother with these. I don’t know what they are made of, but basically they have no volume from the guitars pickups. All other 5 strings ring loud and can be heard from the pickups, whereas these high-e strings don’t have the magnetic field to have enough volume from the pickups. They a dead quiet and therefor pointless with an electric guitar. Like I say, acoustics it might be alright with, but for electrics, buy something else.