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Tone Deaf Music

5 Pack of Acoustic Guitar Strings - 024 gauge wound G 3rd single 24s 0.24

5 Pack of Acoustic Guitar Strings - 024 gauge wound G 3rd single 24s 0.24

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  • Suitable for ACOUSTIC Guitars. Replaces the 3rd / G string (the 3rd thinnest string)
  • 5 PACK of ball end, phosphor bronze wound 024 gauge steel strings.
  • Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are BRIGHT SOUNDING and have a FULL TONE
  • Strings are INDIVIDUALLY SEALED to ensure they sound great whenever you fit them.
  • Designed to be a stable string meaning they settle in quickly and maintain a fantastic tone for longer.

Tone Deaf Music instrument strings are bright sounding, full-toned, stable strings. Individually sealed to ensure that they don't sound dull even after a period of storage, they will settle in quickly meaning that the new-string tuning drift period immediately after fitting is minimised.

This pack contains 5 x 024 gauge strings which are suitable to replace the G (3rd thinnest) string on acoustic guitars.

Application Guide:

- Acoustic guitar 3rd String (G) as part of a light or extra light set up
- Not suitable for any electric guitars, or classical / spanish guitars which are fitted with nylon strings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Not .024 strings

I thought these seemed too thin for .024 strings, so I measured their diameter with some digital calipers and they are actually only .020, which is quite a difference. They appear to be the same cheapo Chinese strings that are sold under various different brands. For the price they're okay if you want some spare .020 strings, but the advertised gauge is incorrect.

Dull, lifeless sound.

Instantly removed in favour of.....well anything is better. Cheap for a reason. Never again

Nice tone

Bought these to replace a broken string, put one on, tuned it up to G, and it sounds very nice. Seems to be holding pitch very well. I like it.

Lady crafts
I recommend this product

These strings are a replacement product incase l need a replacement for my strings, l can DIY it myself

Strings e b g

You never know when the top strings are going to break. These strings are ideal as a replacement. Thank yoi. Very goodLasts a long time and I am a beginner who is a bit heavy handed on strings